65-Hi Drive-In, Blaine

The theatre was located at 10100 Central Ave. N.E. in Blaine, Minnesota. It was established in 1961 and closed in 2001. Available records indicates that the first known ownership was 1987 which was leased by Irv Braverman. The lease ended in 2001 and was then sold for development in 2002 to N.W. Cinema which is currently listed as owner of the property which some of the land still occupies. Records indicate there was one screen and the theatre’s car capacity was 550 and sound was transmitted by AM and FM radio and included a small playground area behind the concessions. Other information: This mid-sized theatre was open seasonally for fifteen years under the close watch of Irv Braverman, an old hand who had acquired his first drive-in (Coon Rapids) back in 1961. The 65-Hi Drive-In was demolished in 2002 and redeveloped into a housing development. Entrance to the theater still exists as connecting road to the housing development off of MN 65.

65-Hi in 2001.

65-Hi in 1999.

65-Hi Sign in 1997.

Ticket Booth.

65-Hi in 2017.