Cottage View Drive-In, Cottage Grove, MN

Located 9338 E. Point Douglas Road South, Cottage Grove, MN 55016. The theatre was established in August 1966 and closed in September 2012. Available records indicates that one of first known owners was Herringer and is reportedly now leased by Mann Theatres, Inc. Records indicate there was one screen and the theatre’s car capacity was 950. Sound was transmitted by FM 90.1 and AM 540. The Cottage View was demolished and a Wal-Mart now occupies the land it once stood. The Cottage View marquee was preserved at the Little Log House Pioneer Village in Hastings while the screen was transferred and rebuilt in Elko Minnesota as the Elko Drive-In.
Other information: Had a playground and a neon marquee. Of its last operating period, admission was $5 per person – for all ages 12&up and was free for under 12. 
Former Cottage View Website:
Cottage View Sign
Cottage View from hill
Cottage View Drive-In, 2012
Cottage View 2012
Concession Stand Interior
Cottage View Sign at Little Log House Pioneer Village as it is today