Gull Drive-In, Brainerd

The theatre was located at Highway 371 (6 miles north of Brainerd) in Brainerd, Minnesota. Its opening  date was 1949, closed in 1985 then reopened in 2008 and 2009 under the Twilight Outdoor Cinema company which ran several movies during the summer. The theater boasted the largest screen in northern Minnesota. Twilight Outdoor Cinema was not approached after 2010 and the theater was once again left vacant in Brainerd. On July 13th 2015 a massive thunderstorm with heavy winds hit the Brainerd lakes area and the Screen tower of the former theater was destroyed and collapsed from wind damage permanently ending the sites use for a future as a Drive-In according to land owner and pro fisher Babe Winkelman.   Available records indicates that one of the owners was Tentelino from 1949 until 1985 when it was sold to Babe Winkelman. Records indicate there was one screen and the theatre’s car capacity was 500.


Gull Drive-In 2005.

Gull in the 1950s.

Post card of the Gull from the 1950s.

Storm Damage of the Gull screen in 2015.